Disability Digest

Disability Digest is a monthly electronic publication that focuses on the Disability Rights Movement. You will find videos and links to articles about disability rights, advocacy, and disability-related issues in the news. The Digest also keeps you informed of events and programming happening at Disability Network. This publication is only distributed by email.

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Current Issue of Disability Digest:

July 2017 Topics include: ADA Anniversary Celebration; Wallgreens Sets a Great Example in Employment; The Senate-proposed Healthcare Bill; Upcoming Events at Disability Network.

Past issues of Disability Digest:

June 2017 Topics include: ADA Anniversary Celebration; Why did Marc Moreno Die; The Price of Disability Denial; Everything Everything – Not So Much; Upcoming Events at Disability Network.

May 2017 Topics include: Public Forum: Michigan’s Disability Agenda; Sweet Access-Appeal (captioning); Take Action; Simulations do More Harm than Good; Upcoming Events at Disability Network.

April 2017 Topics include: Not So “Special”; Person First vs. Identity First; Capturing the Disability Rights Movement; Coming Out as Disabled; Upcoming Events at Disability Network.

March 2017 Topics include: Unapologetic Selfie Queen; Independence Myth; Womens History: Judy Chamberlin; People with Disabilities Fight Bias for Transplants; Upcoming Events at Disability Network.

February 2017 Topics include: Disability & Tokenism; What “Walkies” Say to Wheelchair Users; Joyce Jackson: Black, Disabled & Phenomenal; Pushing for Community-Based Services; Upcoming Events at Disability Network.

January 2017 Topics include:  Ed Roberts Day / Disability Resistance, History & Pride; The Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities: A Decade of Breakthroughs in Disability Rights; Speechless on Inspiration Porn; Is Bipartisan Agreement Hindering the Disability Rights Movement; Upcoming Events at Disability Network.

December 2016 Topics include:  Right to Fly; Rise Up! Workshop; ADA Mandate for Movie Theaters; Deaf Community & Mental Health Services; Upcoming Events at Disability Network.

November 2016 Topics include: Bottom Dollars; Self-Advocacy/Self-Acceptance; Inclusive Culture in Schools; Upcoming Events at Disability Network.

October 2016 Topics include: Are You Planning to Vote?; Supreme Court Reviews FAPE Mandates; Join Our Advocacy Teams; Sweatshops Are Not the Model We Want to See; Upcoming Events at Disability Network.

September 2016 Topics include:  Crip the Vote; Close Captioning coming to Celebration Cinimas; The Truth About Disability; Upcoming Events at Disability Network.

August 2016 Topics include: RAMP-A-THON, End Subminimum Wage; Make this Election Count; Disability Terminology in Literature; Upcoming Events at Disability Network.

July 2016 Topics include: ADA Celebration, Institutionalized as a Teen, Casual Ableist Language, Providing Access to Historical Sites, Book Club.

June 2016 Topics include:  ADA Celebration, Me Before You Controversy, Inequity Shouldn’t be One of the Barriers, Helen Keller Day, Book Club.

May 2016 Topics include:  Public Trust in Government, Parenting with a Disability, Accessible Events Policy, Graduation Gap, Book Club.

April 2016 Topics include: Disability Pride, Advocating at a Public Hearing, Commit to Inclusion, Fashion Model turns spotlight on ASL, Book Club.

March 2016 Topics include: Self Advocacy Skills, Inspiration Porn in High Schools, Family, Disability & Preparing for College, The Fight is Tiring, Book Club.

February 2016 Topics include: At Your Service, Back Pay for Sheltered Workshop Employees, Disability Segregation, Book Club.

January 2016 Topics include: Poetry Slam: Barrier, Commit to  Inclusion, Disability Rights are Human Rights, Disability Q&A,  Book Club.