The Travel Training Program

If you have never used public transportation or you are new to town, it can be difficult and even scary to know where to start. Our Travel Training Program is designed to put you at ease and get you started using Kalamazoo County’s public transportation options.

The Travel Training Program is available at no cost to any individuals or groups who are interested in learning how to use and connect to Kalamazoo County public transportation. This program is provided through a partnership between Disability Network, Kalamazoo Metro Transit and the Kalamazoo County Transportation Authority.

Learn to Ride the Bus

Our Travel Trainers will teach you how to ride the bus. The training includes:

  • Accompanying you on the specific route you want to learn
  • A tour of the Transit Center in downtown Kalamazoo
  • Explanation of different types of fares
  • Teaching you to use Track My Bus and other trip planning tools at
  • Teaching basic public transportation skills such as trip planning, transferring buses, safety tips, and bus rules
  • Assisting you with applying for reduced fare if qualified (seniors age 62+ or people with disabilities)

Connect to Metro Connect

Metro Connect is the countywide shared ride “dial-a-ride” service that provides origin-to-destination public transportation. The service is available to everyone in Kalamazoo County, however, for reduced fare you must be certified to use the service. Our Travel Trainers can assist you with certification.

Our Travel Trainer can assist qualified riders with applying for reduced fare (seniors age 62+ or people with disabilities).

Groups and Organizations

In addition to individual training, our Travel Trainers are available to teach groups and organizations how to use Metro Transit or Metro Connect as well. The group training includes an overview presentation, a tour of the of the Transit Center, and a group bus ride.

What We Can’t Do

Our travel Trainers cannot take you to and from appointments or work or wait with you while you are at appointments. Minors must be accompanied by an adult.