Computer Lab

man at computer with headset on

Disability Network Southwest Michigan has a computer lab in the Kalamazoo office to provide increased opportunity for people with disabilities to access information and services, communicate, socialize, and access media. The computer lab provides accessibility options not typically found in other community locations.

The computer lab is open any time our Kalamazoo office is open, and available to anyone who agrees to the guidelines and procedures. People are welcome to use the computer lab for any acceptable purpose (indicated in the Computer Use Agreement). An internet filter will be installed to block access to a limited number of specific websites. Customers will have two (2) hours to use the lab. Time will be limited to one (1) hour if other customers are waiting for access. Printing will be limited to 10 pages per day or one copy of each application or necessary document. Exceptions can be made based on staff determination.

Accessible Features:


  • Touch screen monitors – Select text, icons, web links, and other items on the screen without needing to use the mouse or keyboard
  • Headset/Microphone – adjust volume to needed level without disturbing others. Use voice for communicating input of text or commands (requires software)
  • Trackball mouse – move onscreen pointer with minimal hand movement
  • Trackpad – Move pointer and click buttons on a flat pad. Potentially reduces input errors
  • EZ See Big Keys Keyboard – Keyboard with larger keys and high contrast (black on yellow) coloring
  • Airlift adjustable desk – Raise or lower desk to needed height with simple buttons
  • Flatbed scanner – scan documents with tactile guides
  • Document camera/scanner – Scan documents by placing them directly under the camera. No manipulation of the device needed, only the item being scanned


  • JAWS – Screen reader software for people with blindness or low vision
  • Zoomtext – Magnification software for people with low vision
  • Fusion – Combines features of JAWS and Zoomtext
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking – Inputs commands and dictate text using your voice
  • Kurzweil 1000 – Import documents from a scanner or other source to be read in a natural voice


Disability Network staff can provide limited setup and basic instruction on how to use computer hardware and software. If someone desires further training on how to use any software or hardware they must make an appointment.