Are you registered to vote? You can find out at the Michigan Voter Information Center.You will also find directions to your polling place (the place where you vote) and a sample copy of the ballot you will be using.

Voting machings with people with disabilitiesIn Michigan, each voting location is required to offer at least one accessible voting machine.

People with disabilities have long advocated for the right to a secret ballot. While assistance has been offered at polling locations to people who cannot vote in the traditional way due to blindness, reading disability, mobility, or cognitive disability, assistance from another person is not the same as enjoying the right of a secret ballot. Accessible voting machines has changed that.

We can assist you with:

  • registering to vote
  • finding out if you are already registered to vote
  • helping you find out where your polling place is located
  • helping you with filing a complaint if your polling location was not accessible to you
  • a customized free a presentation to your group about voting

We can also answer voting-related questions about guardianship, felony records, absentee ballot process & more! For more information contact our Information and Referral department and our staff can help you: (269) 345-1516 or toll free: 1- 877-674-5209, or email: