Get involved in the disability rights movement!

Here are some suggestions for ways to get involved, amplify your voice, and make a real difference:

  • Learn about the history of the disability rights movement.
  • Assess your own language. Are you using neutral words to describe people with disabilities or are you still using out-dated or offensive words like “handicapped” or “wheelchair-bound”?
  • Speak up when you hear ‘jokes’ about disability, or when you see discrimination or injustice that impacts people with disabilities.
  • Talk to elected officials about issues that are important to you that affect people with disabilities.
  • Put information about Disability Network in your office lobby, newsletter, or church bulletin.
  • Link your website to ours.
  • Provide financial support to support our mission of educating and connecting people with disabilities to resources while advocating for social change. Your gift really does make a difference.