Disability Rights Advocacy

people attending a rallyAdvocacy is at the heart of Disability Network Southwest Michigan. We are located in St. Joseph and Kalamazoo and we advocate for the rights of those located in Southwest Michigan. We operate from the perspective of helping people be self-advocates. That means that we won’t do things for you, we will do them with you.

If you want to talk to our disability rights advocate, contact Mona Khaled at (269) 345-1516 x103.

Individual Advocacy

We can assist you in understanding your rights as a person with a disability. We have experience advocating for disability rights in Michigan in employment, educational, and community settings.

Follow this link for information on filing an ADA Complaint with the Department of Justice.

Special Education:  An Advocate’s Manual is a publication from Michigan Protection and Advocacy Services that deals with rights and the laws around special education in Michigan.

Systems Advocacy

We believe that many of the difficulties people with disabilities face are due to problems with “the system.” Our government programs and our society‚Äôs attitudes toward people with disabilities create unnecessary barriers to leading fully productive lives. We work to change that.