Independent Living Support Services

group of people at a parkIndependent Living is based on the philosophy that people with disabilities are the best experts on their strengths and needs and should be in control of the services that allow them to live independently.

Sometimes people need assistance to learn or increase independent living skills to achieve greater independence. Other times, people need support in navigating complex systems (like Community Mental Health or the Department of Health and Human Services) and connecting to the community resources that will best meet their needs.

Areas often addressed in this program include:

  • Transportation – Acquiring public transit training
  • Health Care – Identifying health care options and navigating systems
  • Housing – Assistance in finding affordable, accessible housing options
  • Assistive Technology – Access to durable medical equipment or ramps
  • Community Based Living Supports – Acquiring financial supports (SSI, food assistance, emergency rent) and access to peer or other natural supports

Disability Network Southwest Michigan staff work in partnership with people to help them determine the goals that are important to them and identify possible barriers to meeting those goals. A plan is developed to guide the work in achieving a person’s goals. People with disabilities guide the process of working toward greater independence.

For more information please contact our office at (269) 345-1516; or toll free at (877) 674-5209.