ADA Compliance Assistance

We are committed to helping businesses, organizations, and units of government understand their rights and responsibilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Disability Network provides information, technical assistance, and professional assessments to help people understand and comply with the ADA. We can:

  • answer your questions and share best practices in ADA compliance
  • give practical advice to guide you in decision making
  • provide you with documents to inform and support your business practices

If you have questions about ADA compliance, contact our ADA Coordinators at

Accessibility Audits

We are available to come to your business and perform accessibility audits or to provide on-site training to your staff regarding disability issues. These accessibility audits are customized to your needs and can include physical accessibility, website/electronic accessibility, and programmatic accessibility. Disability Network has two certified ADA coordinators on staff with the expertise to assist you. For more information or to arrange an audit for your business, contact Mona Khaled at (269) 345-1516 x103.

The ADA is a law that sets minimum guidelines to ensure equal access and opportunity for people with disabilities; these minimum guidelines do not ensure that a business is disability-friendly or even that it is accessible at a practical level to all people with disabilities. Meeting the minimum guidelines of the ADA may meet the letter of the law, but certainly does not embrace the spirit of the law, which speaks to the full inclusion of all citizens in all areas of community life. We can help you understand the difference so that you can make informed decisions that affect your business.

Online Resources

Below are links to frequently requested information about the Americans with Disabilities Act.

ADA Information – General

ADA Compliance – Employment

  • is the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission’s website. Searchable for documents that provide specific guidance and examples on a variety of work & disability issues.
  • is Job Accommodation Network’s website, sponsored by the US Department of Labor.

ADA Compliance – Businesses

ADA Compliance – Municipal & Government Entities