Accessible Events Policy

Disability Network Southwest Michigan has adopted an official policy regarding our commitment to accessibility of events. We encourage other organizations to consider adopting a similar policy. Following is the text of Disability Network Southwest Michigan’s Accessible Event Policy:

The Accessible Event Policy:

It is the policy of Disability Network Southwest Michigan that any event we hold, host, partner for, sponsor*, or for any event from which we might benefit, will be accessible to persons with disabilities.

For sponsored events, at a minimum this will mean that that facility has:

  • Appropriate accessible parking (can be marked for access on the day of the event)
  • An accessible path of travel
  • Accessible restroom facilities that allow a person using a wheelchair to side-transfer from a wheelchair to a toilet
  • Registration materials include information about how to request accommodations and
  • The event is advertised as a fragrance free environment. (For indoor events only, unless it is a Disability Network event.)

For events that Disability Network Southwest Michigan designs and executes (workshops, conferences, open houses, trainings, etc).

  • The above accessibility requirements apply.
  • Staff will strive to meet the highest standards of accessibility and inclusivity in all areas, including physical access, communication access and programmatic access. (See Agency Procedures: Accessible Event Procedures for requirements for planning an accessible event.)

Disability Network staff responsible for coordinating these events will ensure the highest level of accessibility and that requested accommodations are, in fact, provided.

 *sponsoring an event would mean the use of our logo and/or paying a sponsorship fee for the event.

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