Act Now on No-Fault Fee Changes

x-ray image of a body behind the steering wheel of a car on impact.

The Issue:

On July 2, 2021 changes to the No-Fault Auto Reform bill with new fee schedules, which will significantly impact ongoing health care services for auto crash survivors. Under the new fee structure, reimbursement to health care service providers will be cut by 45% for all non-Medicare coded services. This is forcing many care providers out of business, so that even if a survivor was fortunate enough to be able to afford required care under the new structure, there will not be providers available to care for them.

Many people who sustain catastrophic injuries such as brain injury, spinal cord injury and amputations, require in-home health care for the rest of their lives; these services are very expensive. A 45% reduction in reimbursement rates for these essential services will harm providers and the patients they serve. A recent statewide survey revealed that more than 6,000 catastrophically-injured patients will lose their care and nearly 5,000 health care workers will lose their jobs. 

Currently, there are bills in the Michigan House (House Bill 4486) and Senate (Senate Bill 314) which propose changes to fix these medical fee schedules before they go into effect. Alternatively, more recently, House Bill 4992 has been introduced; it takes a different approach, but would also provide needed relief. As two paths can lead to the same destination, either of these approaches would provide a remedy to the looming crisis.

While July 2 is fast approaching, the bills are still in committee and not yet scheduled for a vote.

Learn More:

To learn more about the changes coming into effect from No-Fault Auto Reform, and the impact the new fee schedule will have on survivors’ lives, we recommend you visit these resources:

What You Can Do About It:

Contact your State legislators now! Tell your legislators that you want the Insurance Committee Chair to introduce Michigan House Bill 4486 and Senate Bill 314 OR House Bill 4992 so that legislators can vote before the changes go into effect. You can compose your own communication, or use this template.

If you are not sure who your state representatives are, follow these links to find your Michigan House Representative and Michigan Senator.

To connect with advocates on this issue and stay informed on what you can do to be involved in this issue, join the Facebook group We Can’t Wait.