KNOWvember: Voting

It’s KNOWvember! Did you know . . .

KNOWvember / Vote Nov 8Nearly one in four Americans identify themselves as having a disability. Think about that in terms of a voting demographic . . . it’s pretty powerful! If you are a person with a disability in this country you have the same voting rights as everyone else regardless of where you live, if you have a guardian or what type of disability you have. Make sure your voice is heard – be sure to vote on November 8.

Every voting location has Automark machines which provide a variety of accommodations for different types of disabilities. Anyone can use the Automark voting machines and cannot be denied access to them. If you require assistance using an Automark or completing your ballot, one of the poll volunteers will assist you. If you want to bring someone with you to help you vote, that is also allowed.

The election ballots can look a bit confusing, it can be helpful to know what your ballot looks like before arriving to your polling place. You can download a sample ballet for your specific voting area at and even print it and take it with you.

There are a few rules about poling locations you should keep in mind. You may not do any type of promotion for your chosen candidate(s). This means you can’t wear a t-shirt or button promoting a candidate or issue. Also, you are not permitted to discuss the candidates or voting issues while at a polling location.
On November 8, take part in the democratic process and make your voice heard!

Voting Resources

Here are some helpful voting resources for people with disabilities:

  • The U.S. Election Assistance Commission offers 10 Tips for Voters with Disabilities (PDF).
  • You can find information on how to vote, voter registration requirements and deadlines, and locating your state or local election office website at
  • Individuals living in long-term care facilities who have concerns about exercising their right to vote can contact their long-term care ombudsman program by looking them up at the National Ombudsman Resource Center.