Mike & Trin: Home Sweet Home

Mike & Trin (dog). Text: "Investing In Disability"Mike is a 64 year old veteran who has epilepsy and uses a service animal. When Mike connected with Disability Network, he was in need of housing. He had recently moved to the area and had his belongings in a storage unit when he was robbed, leaving him with no food or money. Being new to the area, he wasn’t familiar with resources available in the community. Mike and his service dog, Trin, were living on the streets and sleeping in the storage unit.

Disability Network’s Information & Referral Department worked with Mike to locate clean, safe, and affordable housing. After applying for housing at several different places, and receiving denials, Mike finally was approved for housing and moved in to an apartment two days before his storage unit rent was due. We were also able to connect Mike to several agencies in the area to assist him with meeting his basic needs, such as food and transportation.
Now Mike is in his own home, he has food, and a warm bed to sleep in at night. He is extremely thankful for everything that Disability Network staff has done to help him and Trin get off the streets and into their own home. Welcome home, Mike!

Investing in Disability

Disability Network Southwest Michigan needs your support to help us continue helping people like Mike connect to resources that let him live independently. When we invest in disability, the entire community benefits. Join Disability Network Southwest Michigan in creating a diverse and inclusive community by investing in people with disabilities. We cannot do this important work without your support. Please consider a donation to Disability Network today.