Mindy Kulasa named to MI State Independent Living Council

Mindy Kulasa

Disability Network Southwest Michigan Board member, Mindy Kulasa, has been appointed to the Michigan Statewide Independent Living Council (MISILC) by Governor Whitmer. MISLIC promotes a philosophy of independent living and the full integration and inclusion of people with disabilities into the mainstream of American society. MISLIC is charged with developing the State Plan for Independent Living. The Council works with centers for independent living to coordinate services with public and private entities to improve services provided to individuals with disabilities and conduct resource development activities to support the Council and the provision of independent living services by centers for independent living.

Mindy has served on the Board of Directors at Disability Network Southwest Michigan since 2017; her first two years as Treasurer and is currently the Vice Chairperson. Mindy has a Masters of Business Administration from Western Michigan University and a background in education in Kalamazoo County Schools focusing on students with disabilities.

When asked about her appointment to SILC, Mindy said, “I am honored to serve Michiganders with disabilities, and I look forward to being an integral part of strengthening the working relationships among the Council and entities providing services to individuals with disabilities and their families, centers for independent living, and other programs.”

Follow this link to the Governor’s press release regarding the reestablishment of MISILC including information about each of the MISILC appointees.