One Ramp benefits the whole family

Family on newly built ramp.

Jared’s dad, Allen, contacted our Ramp Up Coordinator to inquire about a ramp for their home. Jared has cerebral palsy which affects his mobility. The family uses a wheelchair or stroller to get Jared out of their home, but without a ramp it was very difficult and dangerous. Over time, Jared’s mom injured her hip from carrying him in and out of the house which resulted in a hip replacement surgery that left her with a condition known as “drop foot;” she too now has difficulty maneuvering stairs and can no longer carry Jared. The only option left for getting Jared out of the house was for Allen and Jared’s sister to carry him out, and Allen is at work all day. Jared was no longer able to attend school because they couldn’t get him out of the house each day to catch the bus.

The situation was unsafe and the family’s need for a ramp couldn’t have been greater. We expedited their application for a ramp, and through our Ramp Up program, were able to coordinate the resources to construct a ramp relatively quickly. The entire family is very thankful for the ramp and the difference it has made for all of them.   

2021 RAMP-A-THON Corporate Sponsors

The success of our Ramp Up program is due in part to the support of our RAMP-A-THON Corporate Sponsors. We appreciate the support of Allied Mechanical Services, AVID (Awareness of Visible and Invisible Disabilities) an Employee Resource Group for Whirlpool, Charles River Laboratories, Integrity Back & Brain, Kalsec, Senior Services of Southwest Michigan, and Paragon Ophthalmology.

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