Our Stories: Marjorie

Marjorie in her home

Marjorie, age 70, was living in a nursing facility after being hospitalized for an infection. Prior to being hospitalized she wasn’t getting the care she needed or deserved in her home and her finances were being mismanaged, resulting in a foreclosure and loss of her home. After several months in the nursing facility, Marjorie realized that living in a nursing facility was not for her and she wanted to return to community-based living but she was concerned there were too many barriers.

The Nursing Facility Transition staff at Disability Network began working with Marjorie to identify housing options and fill out the appropriate paperwork. Disability Network staff connected Marjorie to agencies in the community that could help her address her financial barriers and establish a representative payee so that she could feel secure that her income would be safe and available for her to use to pay her rent and living expenses. Once housing was secured, Disability Network staff provided furniture, household goods and groceries to get Marjorie settled in her new home.

Marjorie continues to live independently where she “is the boss” and in charge of her own life.

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