Large Print/Braille Playing Cards & Card Holder

Assistive Technology of the Month

Large Print/Braille Playing Cards & Card Holder

large print playig cards in card holderWe are featuring a different Assistive Technology device each month. This month we are highlighting a deck of large print/braille playing cards and a card holder.

This deck of cards is standard size and made of durable plastic. The letters and numbers on the cards are 1.25 inches high; suit symbols are also enlarged. The suit and value are marked in braille in the top left and bottom right corners of each card.

The card holder holds up to fifteen playing cards and can be placed on the table for hands-free playing or can be hand held. The card holder grips the cards for you and helps keep your cards organized while playing your favorite card games.

The large print/braille playing cards and card holder are on display in our St. Joseph office. If you have questions about these A.T. devices, contact Karen in our Kalamazoo Office (269-345-1516 x115) or Joanne in our St. Joseph office (269-982-7761)

For more information about Assistive Technology, visit the Assistive Technology page of our website.

Assistive Technology Funding Assistance is Available

The Assistive Technology Loan Fund (ATLF) is available to help people pay for tools for independence. The ATLF is a low interest loan available to people with disabilities and their family members to help purchase items like wheelchair-accessible vehicles, hearing aids, mobility devices, communication devices, or adapted recreation equipment. The ATLF can also pay for home modifications, including ramps, to make your home more accessible. Contact Lewis in our Kalamazoo office (269-345-1516 x107) for more information.