Renovated Community Building Provides Access For All!

Michigan office we have an auxiliary building that we refer to as the “Community Building.” We call it that because we make it available as a community resource for area organizations to use free of charge as a meeting and gathering space.

CEO & President, Joel Cooper, along with Board Chair, Kevin Klute, join the Board of Directors in performing the official ribbon cutting.

Due to our location, over the years our buildings have suffered the effects of several floods, not the least of which were last October and again this February. Susceptibility to flood damage, combined with the availability of more efficient building practices and advancements in technology, prompted our Board of Directors to make an investment in renovating the Community Building this year. We took this opportunity to make the space as accessible as possible so that the building could truly provide “Access For All!” Renovations were made possible in part by the generous support of area funders.

On June 25, after months of renovation, the Board of Directors were very pleased to unveil the new and improved, fully accessible Community Building at an official ribbon cutting ceremony. “Our decision to remodel the Community Building provided the perfect opportunity to incorporate needed flood controls as well as state of the art technology and components to create the most accessible space possible,” said CEO and President, Joel Cooper. “We are excited to share this space with others and lead the way in accessibility in our community.”

Accessibility features incorporated in the renovated Community Building include:

  • man in motorized chair at kitchen sinkHands-free microphones
  • Lightweight tables on wheels
  • Motorized window shades with remote control
  • Wheelchair height cabinets & work stations in the kitchen area
  • Under counter kitchen storage – no upper cabinets
  • Talking microwave
  • Oven with swing out door

The Community Building is available at no charge to any organization needing a meeting or gathering space. To reserve the Community Building, contact Margaret Thurmand (269-345-1516) x101 to check availability and schedule your time.