Staff Highlight: Dale Abbott

Dale Abbott, Disability Network Southwest Michgian

Dale is the Communications Specialist for Disability Network Southwest Michigan. Here she talks about being connected to all aspects of Disability Network so that she can share the stories of our work.

When I started with Disability Network Southwest Michigan eight years ago, I had no prior experience or connection to the disability community. My background was in graphic design and I was interested in doing some writing as well. I knew I wanted to work for a good cause – ideally, a non-profit involved in social justice work. When I saw the communications position posted for Disability Network, I learned more about the organization and jumped at the chance to work here.

As the communications person, I was to be “the voice” of the agency. This meant I needed to get up to speed quickly on disability rights issues, the language and etiquette of disability representation, and, of course, accessible communications. I have learned so much over the past eight years and continue to learn all the time. I have the privilege of interacting with all the departments here at Disability Network so that that I can share information about the work they do with our customers, donors, and the broader community. It’s very rewarding to share stories of empowerment of the people we serve. I am honored to be part of the Disability Network team.