Staff Highlight: Max Hornick

Max Hornick

Max Hornick has worked at Disability Network Southwest Michigan for two years. They were hired as a Travel Trainer, which is a role that Max continues to fill, however they have expanded their duties considerably on our Community Education and Advocacy team. Max is a passionate advocate for disability rights and accessibility, so when the opportunity came a long for them to enter the lengthy ADA Coordinator Training Certification Program (ACTCP), they were eager to jump in. 

Max has now completed the required 40 training credits, including extensive course work in an array of topics about the Americans with Disabilities Act, and successfully passed the ACTCP final examination with a near-perfect score. Max was fortunate to be able to work alongside a veteran ADA Coordinator, Paul Ecklund, who has been with Disability Network for 17 years. Max was able to gain valuable hands-on experience during their training period by assisting Paul with site evaluations. When asked why they were interested in becoming an ADA Coordinator, Max replied, “I love learning and want to be a strong, well-informed advocate for accessibility and disability justice in our community.” Please join us in congratulating Max on this remarkable accomplishment!  We are now privileged to have two ADA Coordinators on staff.

Disability Network is committed to helping businesses, organizations, and units of government understand their rights and responsibilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Our ADA Coordinators provide information, technical assistance, and professional assessments to help people understand and comply with the ADA. You can visit the ADA Compliance page of our website to learn more about these services.