Thankful Beyond Words

A woman with dark skin wearing a leopard print hat and a pink sweat suit seated in a wheelchair.

Hope, who has had both legs amputated, applied to our Ramp Up program after returning home from a long hospital stay. A family member created a make-shift ramp at her back entrance, but it was very steep; she couldn’t use it without assistance and even then it was dangerous.
We visited Hope on the day her ramp was being installed. She was so thankful for the ramp and the independence it would bring her. Hope told us that the thing she was most looking forward to was going to church. With tears in her eyes she said, “It’s so frustrating. I can see my church from my house, it’s right there, but I can never get to it on my own. Now I can go whenever I want to.”

Thanks to the support of our RAMP-A-THON donors we are able to provide ramps to people like Hope.