BE PREPARED: Home Fires are Highest in Winter Months

Home Fires are Highest in Winter Months

house fireHome fires occur more during winter months than any other time of the year; be prepared with a properly functioning smoke detector. It’s important to regularly test your smoke detector to be sure the batteries are still working. Some people get in the habit of checking their smoke alarms at the same time they are changing their clocks for daylight savings time—that way they are sure to be doing it twice a year.

Keep in mind, if you live in an apartment or condominium, your neighbors may not be as careful as you are. Renters insurance can protect you from loss regardless of where a fire started.

Make a plan!

It’s a good idea to have an emergency plan ready in case you need to quickly and unexpectedly evacuate your home. For people with disabilities, there may be additional considerations regarding what you need to take with you and how you will evacuate.

Think ahead about a safe, accessible exit from any room in your home depending on various locations a fire may start.

Consider what items you would absolutely need to have if an emergency occurred. This might include medications or health-related devices. It’s a good idea to pack an emergency “go bag” and have it ready to grab and take with you. In addition to personal and medical items, you might want to include information like important phone numbers and a list of bank and credit card accounts.

For more information about being prepared for an emergency, visit the Emergency Preparedness area of our website in the “Resources” section.

Red Cross – Safety Inspections

smoke detectorThe Red Cross will come to your home AT NO COST TO YOU to perform a fire safety inspection and install free smoke detectors. You can schedule a free installation on the American Red Cross website or call your local Red Cross in your area:

  • Kalamazoo: (269) 353-6180
  • Battle Creek: (269) 962-7528
  • St. Joseph:  (269) 556-9619