Gretchen | Information & Referral

Gretchen is a 60 year old woman who has difficulty hearing and speaking due to a stroke. Gretchen connected with Disability Network’s Information & Referral department when her health care coverage lapsed. After Gretchen’s stroke, she was no longer able to read or use a computer or phone so she needed assistance navigating the complicated system of Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

Disability Network’s Information & Referral staff was able to provide the one-on-one assistance Gretchen needed to contact her caseworker and determine which forms needed to be completed to reinstate her health care coverage. Through the process, Disability Network’s Information & Referral staff advocated for Gretchen with her caseworker to eliminate the phone interview requirement since Gretchen was unable to use a phone.

With the help of Disability Network, Gretchen was approved for the benefits she needed to remain independent in the community.