Honoring Doc Doxzon


Doc Doxzon was a board member, volunteer of our Advocacy Teams, and wonderful advocate and friend to Disability Network Southwest Michigan. Sadly, Doc passed away earlier this month.  Joel Cooper, our President and CEO wrote the following in remembrance of Doc:

In addition to Doc’s role on our Board of Directors from 2014 -2019 and active advocacy for improving accessibility in our community, healthcare and public transportation, Doc was very committed to his leadership role on the board, including Vice-Chairperson, Chairperson and Past Chairperson.  Doc never missed the opportunity to be an active member to attend our legislative day at the Capital in Lansing. Doc was always such a delight to be with and such an uplifting spirit in personality with his love of life and love of being a Physician’s Assistant! If you were a friend of his on Facebook, you would see many videos of his love of singing, especially to his wife, Sher. He was an advocate in ensuring high quality patient care for people with disabilities, his voice was present on the Bronson Hospital Patient Advisory Council and taught he at the WMU Med School as a standardized patient and CTA.  

Prior to Doc and Sher moving to Kalamazoo, Michigan to be closer to other family members, Doc’s very first visit to Michigan included being our guest at Disability Network and to find out if he could be involved in volunteering!  Doc had researched us and made phone calls to us prior to his visit and eventually moving here. 

Last Thursday, I had the privilege to attend a funeral ceremony for Doc, a Navy Veteran, at Fort Custer provided by the Fort Custer Honor Guard, honoring Doc in an emotional and truly beautiful tribute to their fellow veteran and comrade.  

Every time we are advocating for change to ensure full participation for all, I will think of Doc and remember his voice of how he wanted so many positive changes to improve upon accessibility and healthcare.  Doc will be missed by so many friends in our community and his impact was known by many in the short time he lived in Kalamazoo.  May Doc’s family be blessed with loving memories of this wonderful Father, Grandfather, husband and friend who touched all of us in his loving unique ways.   

Obituary for Tracey (Doc) Doxzon

On the night of March 3rd, Tracey (Doc) Doxzon of Kalamazoo died at the age of 68. Doc was born to Elmer (Doc) and Lucy Locket Doxzon. In his youth he was a wonderful skier and skied on the National Ski Patrol. He had a great voice and loved singing, especially with his daughter, Samantha.  He was a fabulous cook, and a great photographer. He joined the Navy and became a corpsman which took him into his passion for medicine.  He received his degree from George Washington University, going on to become the first Physician’s Assistant in Corona CA, and loving his job for 32 years. After suffering an accident in 2008, Doc became a functional quadriplegic, insisting he would go back to work and dance at his daughter Jen’s wedding.  He did both. He retired in 2014 and moved to Michigan and began working with the Disability Network of Southwest Michigan with some amazing people, and sat on the Patient and Family Advisory council. But his true love remained medicine and he went to work at WMU School of Medicine as a standardized patient and Certified Teaching Associate, and met the greatest group of people that he proudly called his friends. He loved every minute of it. This man never gave up, and this is what he wrote to his friends:

“I want to thank God for a life that’s been so full. That’s allowed me to travel through this great country and live throughout New England, the capital, the west and the Midwest. I’ve been able to ski 13 of the best slopes of the United States, and catamaran in the Chesapeake Bay and California. I have worked many jobs, and finally joined the navy, and became a corpsman which started me down my career path in medicine. Probably one of the wisest choices I ever made as a young man. and then was able to passionately pursue a job I loved as a PA in family practice. With marriage I found art and my children, and finally love which I’ve been searching for my entire life. In retirement I’ve had the opportunity to do more as a volunteer with the Disability Network Southwest Michigan and be with the patient and family advisory committee, and work with the greatest group of people at the WMU school of medicine. My life has been very full. My mission accomplished. I’m ready to be with my Father in His house.”

Doc will be loved and missed by a wife who adored him, Sher Doxzon, two amazing daughters, Samantha and Jennifer, a brother, Pete, who preceded him in death, and a brother, Jeff, and a brother Tim.  Also, 6 step children, Grace, Kris, Jessica, Drew, Caleb, Nicole, and a gaggle of grandchildren that he loved and enjoyed so much! He will be missed.