Ready, Set, VOTE! . . . on November 3

Text graphic: 2020 your vote counts

You are a very powerful person because you have the power to VOTE. You’ve probably heard it many times . . . “Every vote counts”. . . and that is true, but it’s easy for any one of us to start feeling small in the big picture of a National election. Another way to think of yourself is as part of a group of voters. Nearly one fifth of all Americans have a disability; think of yourself as a “disability voter” – now you are part of something that makes up a significant percentage of overall votes. YOU, as a “disability voter,” have the power to impact this election. Before you cast your vote, consider the candidates and where they stand on disability issues – not just what they say, but what they have done; do a little research. Do they understand the needs of the disability community? Do they respect and value people with disabilities as full members of society? What is their track record on disability issues?

Disability Network asks you to use your power and vote as a member of the disability community. Don’t miss the opportunity to let your voice be heard, vote on November 3rd. When you cast your vote, whether by absentee ballot or in person, take a deep breath and feel the power of the entire disability community.

Have questions about voting in 2020? . . . We can help!

There is a lot of chatter in the news about the upcoming election and it’s not all about the candidates. There are conflicting reports and opinions about absentee voting, registration status, and the safety of voting during a pandemic.

  • Disability Network has compiled voter information, resources and links about voting, registering to vote, and information about accessible voting in person and absentee.
  • If you have any questions about registering to vote or voting, contact our Information and Referral department and our staff can help you: (269) 345-1516 or toll free: 1- 877-674-5209, or email:
  • Disability Network is holding a free, live webinar to address this year’s voting issues.