We’re Switching It Up Online

Icons publications: e-link, dare, & events

Here at Disability Network Southwest Michigan we are giving our e-publications a facelift! In January, you will see some changes to both our e-newsletter and our disability rights e-publication If you are currently signed up to receive these publications, no worries – you will automatically receive the new formats. We will also continue to offer our monthly Education & Events listing. If you are not currently receiving our e-publications, but would like to start, use the button below to sign up now for the publications you’d like to receive!  Please know that we respect your privacy; our mailing lists are not shared with anyone.

The LINK & e-LINK Newsletter

The LINK provides valuable information and education to the community about disability topics. The paper version of The LINK will continue being published quarterly for anyone who prefers to receive a hard copy in the mail. This is also available in a variety of alternative formats.  Starting in January 2022, the e-LINK will be broken down into shorter, monthly email publications. The same great information, just divided into smaller batches making it easier and faster to read. As a bonus, the e-LINK will contain an article each month focused on the business community and how businesses can become accessible and welcoming for people with disabilities.

DARE to Impact Change

DARE to Impact Change is a new e-publication focused on disability justice. DARE stands for Disability Advocacy, Rights & Education. In January, DARE will be replacing the Disability Digest; the focus is the same but the format will be different. For many years the Disability Digest has provided collections of articles and videos found online that deal with disability rights. Our new DARE publication will link to a more in-depth look at a single disability justice topic. Each article will include information about the topic and how to get involved to impact change, as well as links to articles and videos for more reading on the topic. In addition to monthly educational issues, we will be issuing DARE as a way to keep you informed of timely advocacy issues that need your attention. We invite you to DARE to Impact Change with us!

Upcoming Education & Events

We will continue to publish our monthly listing of upcoming Community Education and other events letting you know about workshops, webinars, movies and other happenings here at Disability Network. Letting you know what’s coming up will allow you to plan ahead and register early.